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Naka Technology is the leading provider of Capital Markets IT Solutions. We offer modular, reliable and easy-to-launch solutions portfolios, specifically designed for today's changing business needs. With our technology solutions you can better deliver new products to your customers with ease of use flexibility enabling you to take advantage of the fast-evolving market needs – so whether you operating a brokerage, transfer agency, an IFA, or an insurance company - trust Naka Technologies for your Capital Market IT Solutions.

Who Needs Our Help?

Many investment banks and other major financial institutions lack the ability to take advantage of their firm-wide knowledgebases. These organizations have grown substantially through mergers and acquisitions, inheriting siloed data stores that traders, researchers, and salespeople cannot easily incorporate into their analyses. Naka Technologies enables organizations to overcome these challenges by integrating disparate data for collaborative, intuitive analysis across the entire enterprise.

Connect Work Groups & Business Units
Empower Staff To Produce Valuable Market Insights
Interact With Your Data In Real Time
Bring All Your Siloed Data Into 1 Unified Platform

What You Get With Naka Technologies

  1. Modular and component-based solutions, giving the opportunity to build a complete solution tailored to your needs.
  2. Increased profit from shared costs in product development.
  3. Reduced risks by choosing a trusted IT partner who has years of experience within the capital markets sector.
  4. Credibility based on an advanced home market in the Nordic countries.
  5. Optimised solutions complying to market standards in the most streamlined way.
  6. A well-established and large enough partner to provide business-critical services you can rely on.

Industries We Service

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Naka Technology is the go to solutions provider for Capital Markets. We provide managed IT Solutions as well as emergency service. Please feel free to contact us for any IT issues pertaining to Capital Markets or High Finance.

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