Application Development & Management

Application Development & Management

Naka Technologies helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle through automation, IPs, open source, and licensed third party tools. By leveraging our methodology, enterprises benefit from shortened development lifecycles and faster project completion. Further, Naka Technologies provides continuous support throughout the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby improving business performance.

Application Development Solutions

Design Information Visualization
This solution is used to visualize the design information extracted from the existing source code. It is used for legacy migration, cost reduction in maintenance and operation optimization.
Design Information Digitalization
This solution is used to automatically digitalize the design documents, source codes and operation manual. It makes it easier for the developers to identify changes in software or system design, and the potential bug impact area.
Source code Auto-generation
This solution fully auto-generates the business logic source code with an optimization based on project characteristics.

Application Development Services We Offer

  • Application assessment
  • Custom application development
  • Legacy application modernization
  • Application migration
  • Enterprise application integration
  • EDI/B2B services
  • Mobile application development
  • Web/portal/content management systems development

Services We Provide

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Naka Technology is the go to solutions provider for Application Development. We provide managed IT Solutions as well as emergency service. Please feel free to contact us for Application Development or Management services.

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