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Block Chain IT Consulting

Naka Technologies develops, maintains and evaluates blockchain and cryptocurrency related products and web services and provides long-term assistance and advice on related technological and operational matters for our partners worldwide. You'll find the full spectrum of blockchain technology in one company, as our teams operate in multiple disciplines. This includes low level kernel optimization in hardware near mining operation and data centre build outs. We also actively develop financial trading frameworks and web services operating on top of the blockchain, whilst creating beautiful and intuitive UI/UX.

Block Chain IT Expert Experience

We are blockchain agnostic and are experienced working with many blockchain fabrics including the Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Factom, Eris. We are also experienced working with many blockchain development APIs, software frameworks, databases, and devOps tools for testing and agile development.

Block Chain Consulting & Block Chain Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Developer Training
  • Executive Training
  • Integration with Blockchain
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Wallet / Explorer
  • Admin Analytics

We Can Help You Unlock The Potential of Block Chain

While you hear about blockchain everywhere, it is rare to find the people who understand what the concepts, technologies and products really are. Naka Technologies is serious about exploring blockchain or developing a product, we are probably the best to give you unbiased advice, answer all your questions and help you not fall into the blockchain hype when you shouldn't.

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Naka Technology is the go to solutions provider for Block Chain Service. We provide managed IT Solutions as well as emergency service. Please feel free to contact us for Block Chain services.

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