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Data, in all forms, is expanding as a resource to be utilized. Yet in many industries and professions, the data explosion is outstripping the human capacity to understand the meaning hidden within that data. Cognitive computing is able to unlock the potential in all data — internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice, and visual — and make it work together.

Cognitive Computing & AI Will Revolutionize How Machines Interact With Humans

We believe in the power of AI. Systems that interact almosts as humans do, unearthing information in raw data and text by using advanced techniques and artificial intelligence to answer difficult questions for business and society in general. Do you know what to recommend to your customers? Naka Technologies Predictive Models and Machine Learning models can tell you what they're likely to be interested in next. How can you intelligently up-sell and cross-sell? We can help you making such predictions.

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Increasingly, today’s consulting firms have been engaging in cognitive computing initiatives in order to enhance their services to their clients. Within this advanced technology, such cutting edge terms are often bandied about as “data science,” “machine learning,” “deep learning” and “artificial intelligence.” Naka Technologies has provides enterprises with varying solutions incorporating such technologies which include online courses, software platforms and even entire business divisions.

Drive Better Business Outcomes With Cognitive Computing

We’ve anticipated it for years, and now it’s becoming reality: Emerging technologies are finally able to emulate and augment the power of the human brain. That has big implications for the business world, which is still coming to terms with the opportunities presented by the enormous amount of data pulsing through markets, individual businesses, and more. Conventional technology is not up to the task of extracting the full value of this mountain of data. But the promise of cognitive technology solutions is clear and Naka Technologies has paved the way.

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